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      At 21 Golf Driving Range all of our Professionals are here to make every golfer that walks into our facility a better golfer. With the ability to teach year round regardless of weather or temperature we are able to work without taking time off and keep you in top form at all times.

      We understand golf is made up of several key elements:

      1. Fitness & Flexibility
      2. Nutrition
      3. Swing Mechanics
      4. Course Management
      5. Short Game
      6. Putting
      7. Mental Game
      Here at 21 Golf, we are always pushing to find new and innovative ways to teach all elements of the game and ultimately to bring balance to your game. The areas of your game that it may take you months to figure out on your own, we can help you improve in a one hour golf lesson. Call the Front Desk at 201-941-4455 for your personal golf lesson.
      InstructorPhone Number
      David Park (PGA)917-699-2230
      Jenny Baek (KLPGA)917-617-5566
      Michael Jang917-375-8441
      Eun Young Kang (LPGA)646-734-3999
      Sean Song201-478-9653
      Kenny Jung Academy201-887-6876
      21 Golf Learning Center347-400-0772
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