To Our Amazing Customers,

We first want to thank you so much for being the backbone to 21 Golf for the last 10 years. Our goal is to become the new standard for golf ranges by offering modern golf technology and top class service. Thanks to your support, we are now proudly the only golf range in the country with all of the following:

1. New Toptracer Technology in Every Heated Booth (by TopGolf & Callaway) 2. Fully Built-In Automatic Tee System
3. Golfzon Simulator Rooms (5x Best Luxury Simulator by Golf Digest)

The free trial promotion that Toptracer gave 21 Golf (and our customers) has unfortunately ended at the end of January. To show our true appreciation, we are extending the Toptracer free trial for 2 more months, until the end of March. We hope that this will give you enough time to try out all the features of Toptracer and appreciate the real value it has to golf practice and fun!

Effective April 1st, 2022, we will add $3 to our daily range rates because of Toptracer. All range items will include the use of Toptracer to ensure we can continue to pay their monthly fees, while improving the quality of our service and facility. As this change is directly related to Toptracer, prices for Golfzon simulators and Locker rentals will remain unchanged. We are also adding new range items, discount options, and payment methods for your convenience!

All current memberships and old coupons will include free use of Toptracer

until expiration. Any feedback with Toptracer tracking and entertainment will help immensely with our decision to renew our partnership with them in 5 years.

Other Upgrades & Events COMING SOON:

21 Golf Pro Shop Full Renovation/Expansion with great options and pricing Club & Full Bag Rentals, Fittings, Grip Changes, Apparel, etc..

60,000 New 3-Layered Range Balls (2x this Year)
New TVs across the 1st and 2nd Floor Hallways (February 2022) Golfzon Simulator Tournament (Spring 2022)
Toptracer Tournaments & Weekly Leagues (Spring 2022)

21 Golf Powered by Toptracer

Effective April 1st, 2022 (please refer to the announcement for details)

Daily Options:

Unlimited Balls + Toptracer


Mon-Fri (Open-12pm),

Except Holidays



55 Balls

30 Minutes


40 Minutes

45 Minutes *NEW*


60 Minutes* or 130 Balls*

60 Minutes


80 Minutes

____________________________________________________ 21 Golf Membership

Practice for an Hour Everyday! (80 Minutes During Early Bird)

*NEW* 10% Member Discount Off EVERYTHING at 21 Golf Proshop

Includes Locker (Bring Your Own Lock)
Recommended for Golfers Who Practice 3+ Times a Week

Commitment Period

Monthly Recurring (Auto)
***NEW Payment Option***

Pre-Pay (Upfront)


90 Day (Individual)



1 Year (Individual)



1 Year (Family: 2 Members)



**Bundle/Discount Options**

We are currently discussing a NEW discount option that can be used for any daily range item, drink, or snack. This will likely be an addition and/or a replacement to our discount coupon system. Specific details will be released around 4/1/2022.

*All Current Memberships and Past Coupons will Include the Use of Toptracer*