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      Here is what some of our customers are saying about 21 Golf Driving Range:

      "My favorite range.  Automatic ball delivery and ball counter make it extremely enjoyable.  You can make a day out of this place.  Guys can hit and girls can get a massage.  They have large fans to keep you cool and not sweating.  The best part is that it's so affordable!  They also have special happy hours.  Many New Yorkers refuse to pay the toll to come here but it's well worth it!  There is also a food spot as well!"    6/7/15


      "Great place to hang out and work on your swing."  5/24/15


      "Great range!"   4/19/15


      "Friendly staff, well maintained, newer golf balls, the automatic ball tee allows you to hit a lot of balls, well worth the trip for those of us from northwest Bergen County!"   3/30/15


      "I like the fact that the balls come up automatically so I don't have to manually place the balls!"  3/29/15


      "Excellent driving range...best around this area!"   3/11/15


       Whenever I was on the turnpike near Ridgefield I also told myself that I need to try that place and today ended up being the day.  It started when my son said, "it's your birthday, what do you want to do?". I said let's try a new driving range.  Once you get to the place you realize that it's not your usual range.  The lobby is clean and very contemporary where you're greeted by a very friendly lady.  We got 130 balls and were sent to a specific stall.  When I looked for the ball dispenser I realized that they didn't have one. Instead the balls pop up out of the ground and you can adjust the ball height to your liking. My little guy thought this was the coolest ever!  Since he's only 7 balancing a ball on a tee is sometimes harder than hitting the ball.  Once we hit a few balls I noticed the high end heater located low on the ground, which is way better than most places where the heaters are high above your head and not too effective. The last words out of my son's mouth were "we gotta come back here again dad!"   12/21/15


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